The Scholarship Jacket

Reread The Scholarship Jacket.

Complete the text dependent questions. Come to class prepared to discuss.

  1. Craft and Structure: What does Martha mean by “rooted” against the wall in paragraph 4?
  2. Key Ideas and Details: What can be inferred from the conversation Martha overheard between her two teachers?
  3. Craft and Structure: Reread paragraphs 16-18. Compare and contrast Martha’s point of view about the scholarship jacket with her grandfather’s. Include details from the text that reveal each character’s point of view.
  4. Key Ideas and Details: What makes the principal suddenly change his mind in paragraph 30? How do you know?
  5. Key Ideas and Details: Martha overhears and then engages in several conversations in this story. How does each conversation move the story forward?
  6. Key Ideas and Details: In the last paragraph, Martha’s grandfather reacts silently to her news about the jacket. If he had spoken to his granddaughter, what might he have said? What evidence in the story supports your answer?