Personality Pot

I would like for you to orally present yourself to our class. There are many interesting things about you that I don’t know. How do you spend your time outside of school? What are your hobbies, talents, and favorite things? What do you do with your family? Where have you traveled?

Your task is to assemble a ‘pot’ of items all about you. Your pot should represent you; a football helmet, a dance bag, a soccer cleat, a flower pot, a cooking pot, any container. The contents of the pot should be various small items that tell the class more about you. Be creative.

You will share your ‘Personality Pot’ with the class at the end of this week. Be able to explain the significance of each item. Be prepared to answer questions about the items. Avoid using interrupters (like, ummm) when you present. Relax and enjoy presenting your favorite things.