Reading Log

Each student is expected to read every day. Complete the reading log and return it to class on Monday.

Did you know that reading every day improves your vocabulary, memory, writing, concentration and thinking skills? It also lowers stress and increases your knowledge.

Reading makes you a better person. Do it everyday!

Download and print the Reading Log.


Sixth graders enter middle school filled with a mixture of excitement and fear, anticipating and dreading the changes that middle school brings. Physical and emotional maturity varies more widely in sixth grade than in any other grade.

Sixth graders continue to develop an appreciation of written and spoken language. Students use oral language, written language, and media and technology for expressive, informational, argumentative, critical, and literary purposes.

As readers, sixth graders begin to experience more sophisticated pieces of literature for study and analysis, which leads them to choose more complex literature to read for enjoyment. Sixth graders often gravitate towards one series or genre, or they read extensively on a topic of personal interest.

By the end of their sixth grade ELA experience, students analyze and edit their own writing to include acceptable use of basic conventions; and they also continue to develop their individual voices and styles. Throughout sixth grade, students develop the ability to critique constructively their own and others’ work. Because the degree to which a student observes writing conventions is often proportionate to that individual’s reading prowess, a natural increase in writing, editing, and proofreading skills results.

In oral communications or performances, sixth graders are eager to give their opinions or role-play; they work to apply specific guidelines to their speaking assignments. Viewing and listening skills vary widely and are dependent on an individual’s maturity.

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