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Sample PSAs

Assignment: Watch each public service announcement. Answer the four questions.

    1. Who is the intended audience of the PSA and why are the particular actors chosen to play their roles?
    1. What is the tone and persuasive tactic this PSA uses to communicate the message?
    1. Does the video use positive or negative reinforcement to spark a behavioral change?
    1. Do you think the PSA is effective in making viewers rethink and/or change their behavior? What is the call to action?

Don’t Text and Drive

Cheerleader Dad

Brain on Drugs

Crash Test Dummies

Hot Car

Writing Group Collaborative Discussion Questions

  1. How did this resource help you answer your research question? Provide specific details from the film as support.
  2. What additional information did you find interesting?
  3. What is one other question the film prompted you to think about?
  4. Respond to the essential question: How do advertisers attempt to influence consumers?
  5. From what you can tell, how reliable is this source?